Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Perils Of Reviewing

As the English saying goes "It never rains but it pours", and pour is what it did yesterday. When Jan and I got back from our Spam adventure yesterday the mail box was crammed with Christmas presents, there was a book, another Johnny Cash CD, and an Indie movie. The movie was unsolicited, it was from IndieFilms who for some reason think I like their work. Well I panned the last one they sent me Idol, and I suspect that this one will get a similar treatment.

A couple of hours later a Canada Post truck came ambling down the road, it had my name written all over it. Sure enough, a Box for Simon. I could tell by the size and shape it was from my good buddy Clint. I was right, I was now the proud owner of 9 more DVD's and 10 more CD's.

About 2 minutes later UPS made their drop, oh joy, a 4 DVD box set of all 29 episodes of the old Brit-com Two's Company. With a total running time of just over 12 hours!

There are people envious of me, all this free stuff. Well let me assure you it is not really that glamorous, I have to watch, listen or read all this stuff. In fact all of this 'stuff' is beginning to take over the whole damn apartment, there are CD's and DVD's everywhere, boxes of the damn things!


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Send 'em all to me Simon when you are done with them. That way you don't have to store them.

Here's why: I went to the roof of my house about two years ago with a pair of side cutting dikes in my hand (sorry alternative sex readers) and cut the bloody coax cable right at the imput point, then threw the whole coil into the street. I called the local cable company and told them there seemed to be some kind of problem. When the repair crew arrived I told them to get the damned stuff out of the street and never darken my door again....and please pass it on to their boss. Their service sucked, and still does.

There are no broadcast stations on Saipan. The only visual entertainment at my house is rental cds from a pathetic stock of junk at the local Movie Station store.

Anything you send will be an improvement.

I'll pay all the postage and throw in a premium for your time to package and drive the stuff to the PO. I'll provide free mojitos, a place to stay and a hearty thank you if you show up here for a vacation. (I recommend it as an alternative to sleet).

So please box 'em up, Simon, an put 'em in the mail.

I'll send you my mailing address by email.

Simon Barrett said...

hahaha sure thing Bruce, we can fill up your house instead of mine!

I do have some doosies for you!