Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jan And The Rock Star!

We had a pretty hectic day yesterday, I have no clue how many CD's we went through for reviewing. Around 9:30 I had had enough, it was time for an 8 hour power nap! When I sleep, I sleep like the dead, so I was oblivious to the phone ringing.

The first thing I know is Jan has woken me up and she has a look of shock and disbelief on her face "Honey, get up, Keith Emerson is on the phone, and I think I was just rude to him"!

Apparently Jan had assumed it was her son calling, and had answered the phone with "What do you want?". Keith had spouted out something about Moog synthesizers, to which Jan had stopped him in mid sentence with a "Who the hell is this?" hahahahahaha

Keith is a real nice guy, and we chatted for almost an hour. What really amazed me was after he had answered all of my questions, he asked me about my kids, and invited Jan and I to lunch! he ended the call like we were old buddies, "Call me anytime".

You just never what to expect in the wild world of reviewing! You can check out the interview here.

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Anonymous said...

For the record in my own defense I was NOT THAT mean...I think Simon exaggerated a bit. The phone woke me up and totally caught me off guard when he told me who he was. Keith Emerson if by some chance you ever see this, I aoplogize if I did sound rude. I am not normally like that I promise. I am just a Cajun that has different ways I guess.