Friday, August 17, 2007

Jason Kohn - Entertaining Guy

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Jason Kohn yesterday. Jason is the genius behind the Sundance award winning film Manda Bala. I can honestly say this man is as wild as his hair style.

It is not every 23 year old that sells everything he owns (car and saxophone) to fund the making of a film. Yet that is exactly what he did.

Five years later, and probably 25 years older Jason has brought this project to fruition. Manda Bala opens at the Angelika theater in New York today!

One of the things that really surprised me about Jason was how the interview started. I have no idea how many interviews he has given recently, but a quick google shows it is quite a few, yet he knew all about the review I had written.

"you are the guy that mentions his wife and gives me two frogs up" was his accusation! And I had to admit that I was guilty as charged.

I hope that Jason has a huge success with Manda Bala, and if you see this film playing in your local theater you will take the time to go and watch it.

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