Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stackridge News

You just have to love this reviewing business. I recently reviewed a DVD by a British band Stackridge. These guys are true entertainers, and I really enjoyed the DVD, I guess that was reflected in my review.

This morning I noticed that someone had left a comment on it, and had signed it Mike Tobin. Well on a whim I decided to 'google' Mr. Tobin, and I discover that a Mike Tobin was the first manager of this band back in the early 70's, co-incidence? Well I can never resist a mystery, and although his email is address is hidden from public view, I as an editor can dig it out, and that's exactly what I did.

The answer is yes, it is the same guy, and better still, he is back as their manager! So we have an interview in the making! ya got to love it.


Anonymous said...

Simon B,

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of all things Stackridge. Mike Tobin contacted you becuase I alerted him to your Blog. I've got a Google alert set up for Stackridge and whenever I find anything relating to the band I post it to the Stackridge Mailing list on Yahoo (Zorgansgal, named after one of their tracks Zorgan's Daughter). I've been a fan of the band sinnce I first saw them in 1971 supporting Wishbone Ash back in their (and my) home city of Bristol, UK. I watched them implode just as they were about to tour the USA and after they'd appeared live at Wembley Stadium as a support to Elton John (whose Rocket Record label they'd just signed to).

I was absolutely blown away when the reformed in 2000 (I'd set up a Web page about the band back in the early 90's). They've done brilliantly since to re-build their following and I've since met up with people who were at some of the same gigs back in the heady 1970's! Welcome aboard Simon!

Anonymous said...

Rest assured Stackridge might be a 'well kept secret' but they're deeply cherished by those of us who've followed them throughout the past 37 years.

The band originally re-formed in 1999, not 2000, but split up again at the end of '00. Now, with Mutter, James, Andy and Crun again at the core, ably abetted by Glenn Tommey, Codge Marsden, Sarah Mitchell, Nigel Newton and Rachel Hall, they're gigging once more, with big plans for 2008.

Anybody wishing to find out more can check out the Stackridge MYSpace page; the official site and/or join my long-running Zorgan's Daughter Yahoo group.

How many bands can you think of that remain so 'obscure' (for want of a better term) but also inspire such - warranted - devotion? The 'Rhubarbarian' (fanzine for Stackridge and Rhubarb Thrashers)contains more information.

They're all splendid chaps and chapesses and let us hope their continuing endeavours at last bring them some of the rewards that have long been overdue.

Ade Macrow